Economic Impact

Serco Canada was once again named as one of Canadian Defence Review’s Top 75 Defence Companies for 2020. This recognition acknowledges the strength of our growing defence offering, including our economic impact, our focus on research and development and the quality of our work in support of Canada’s Armed Forces, the Canadian Coast Guard and Canada’s marine industry as a whole.

Serco, of which Serco Canada is a member, has 8,000 employees in North America and over 50,000 employees worldwide in the United Kingdom and Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.  In Canada, Serco has two leading business areas, approximately 1,300 employees in 100 offices across the country and strong working relationships with strong, capable Canadian suppliers – all of which helps make Serco a proud contributor to broad-based economic development and opportunity across the country.

Building Naval Engineering Capability in Canada

One of Serco’s most prominent Canadian defence contracts has Serco Canada Marine operating as the design agent to Seaspan Shipyards on the Royal Canada Navy’s Joint Supply Ship (JSS) program. The JSS program has created thousands of jobs, it helps to drive Canadian innovation, and continues to support the development of a sustainable Canadian supply chain that can and will serve Canada’s shipbuilding industry for decades to come.

Through this contract, we have been able to grow our Canadian footprint – providing best-in-class ship design and marine engineering services to Canada by Canadians.  To learn more about Serco’s involvement in Canada’s Joint Supply Ship program, and our capability to support Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy, click here.

Supporting Canadian Innovators

Serco Canada is committed to the development of innovative Canadian technologies and made-in-Canada defence solutions. For example, Serco recently announced a sizable investment into Ottawa-based artificial intelligence (AI) software start-up, contextere to develop a “small data” capability to support prediction, prevention and prioritization of in-service support (ISS) activities. Contextere’s AI technology will extract previously inaccessible data, curate the information, and deliver knowledge that improves performance, increases skills, and eliminates the need for rework.

Advancing Technology in Canada’s Marine Industry

In support of Serco’s Industrial and Technological Benefit (ITB) obligations under the JSS program, the company has invested in the University of British Columbia’s (UBC’s) Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) program and more specifically, it’s Hydrodynamics Research Facility. This investment, which has been used to enhance education, research, testing and industry engagement is a great example of the type of industry specific advancement that Serco is looking to support in partnership with Canadian industry and post-secondary institutions.

Cultivating the next generation of Canadian Naval Engineers

Serco Canada Marine, over the course of JSS Functional and Detail design processes, hires home-grown, Canadian talent from the UBC Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering program.  These new graduates have been afforded an opportunity to be involved in the earliest parts of their careers with an exciting ship design and ship building program.  They are mentored by senior Serco engineers and ship designers, contributing to significant knowledge transfer and skills training to young Canadian Naval Architects and Marine Engineers who will provide the future of Canada’s ship design and ship building industry.

As a growing company, both in Canada and abroad, we are committed to collaborating with our partners and customers. Serco Canada will continue to take a Canada-first approach to business - supporting Canadian innovation, positioning Canadian solutions for export and looking for new and novel ways to incorporate Canadian suppliers and Canadian content in the delivery of our services.