Local Partnerships & the Indigenous Community

Serco is proud of our track record of forming partnerships in each of the communities in Canada where we have operations based on the principles of consultation, collaboration, and inclusion. We have rewarding relationships with indigenous groups that have encompassed subcontracting, apprenticeships, skills development,
hiring, mentoring, and small business training. We have awarded millions of dollars of contracts to indigenous small business suppliers to help them build sustainable capacity. We have supported indigenous training and apprenticeship programs, particularity in our Northern operations at 5 WingGoose Bay, where over 40% of our workforce is indigenous employees.

A noteworthy example of investing in the local community is our training programs for air traffic controllers at 5 Wing Goose. The competition for qualified, talented air traffic controllers is notoriously fierce, and Canada’s military forces have discovered that employees serving in remote locations are often poached away with
higher salaries at large airports in more “desirable” urban centers. 

Serco responded to this challenge by providing a training program in air traffic control skills targeted to local residents. Experience showed that they were more likely to make a long-term commitment to pursuing their profession in the community. As a result, approximately 75% of those working in the Air Traffic Control Towers are now local residents, who attained their certification through Serco sponsored training programs.

Embodying our commitment to our Value of Care, the Serco team proudly supports community based food banks, indigenous cultural programs, and equality and inclusion initiatives to address urgent needs that our employees care about. These are just a few examples of how Serco is working with our communities for a better Canada.