Citizen Services

Through our case management and workforce development services, Serco sets the standard for large-scale, high-volume programs that deliver better government services to citizens. As service delivery specialists, we work to make government services more efficient, responsive, and customer friendly.

Since 2003, Serco has been providing Driver Examination Services at 56 driver examination centers and 39 travel points for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. This long-term public-private partnership showcases Serco’s approach of high-tech service with a human touch to improve the experience of citizens and deliver value to taxpayers.

We have helped to:

  • Administer over 750,000 road tests and over 1.75 million counter transactions per year
  • Shorten wait times to schedule driver tests from as much as 6 months to 6 weeks
  • Sustain customer satisfaction ratings above 90%
  • Stand up the largest testing facility in the Province in less than 9 months
  • Provide fly-in certifications to First Nations communities in remote locations and customized approaches to knowledge testing to citizens without digital access to enable them to obtain drivers licenses
  • Modernize operations through automated queuing systems, knowledge test kiosks and road test tablets
  • Improve efficiency by scheduling appointment blocks for commercial class road tests through a centralized booking team
  • Provide extended operating hours in order to reduce customer wait times at larger centres
  • Help Ontario achieve one of the best road safety records in all of North America

Serco is proud to work with the Province to establish best practices in technology and customer experience for over 9.9 million licensed drivers and help make sure Canadians arrive safely to their destination.