Space Program Support

Serco is among the leading Space Industry Manufacturing and Services Companies. Our team provides technical, scientific and management skills to a range of European cornerstone space missions for over 40 years, including the Copernicus Earth Observation Program.

Copernicus is the most ambitious earth observation satellite program to date, providing essential data that helps government agencies, scientists, and other users better understand the impact of climate change, monitor environmental conditions, provide meteorological forecasting, and coordinate civil and disaster response efforts.

Serco has served as a trusted partner to the European Space Agency, the European Commission and EUMETSAT to help operate and maintain the Sentinel mission, Europe’s new family of Earth Environmental satellites. The family of Sentinel satellites is tailored to monitor conditions on land, in the oceans, in the atmosphere, and to provide emergency response support for environmental and humanitarian incidents. Serco’s roles include:

  • We support a broad range of end users to exploit data from Copernicus under the program’s “open and free” data policy.
  • We provide ground engineering support including mission planning, system integration and validation, data processing, system evolution, and compliance.
  • We furnish scientific and technical expertise in areas including sensor performance and data product quality and algorithms.
  • We manage essential infrastructure used by the earth observation program at the European Space Research Institute, including the data center, data preservation systems, antenna, and the virtual reality theater.
  • We support the UK Ministry of Defence with satellite management services for the Skynet 5 military communications system used in joint operations.
  • We support the U.S. Air Force’s Milstar communications satellites and Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite system that will replace it and support military communications by the Canadian, U.S., UK and Royal Netherlands Armed Forces.

Serco has a unique breadth of experience in providing operational and engineering support to advanced space missions makes us an ideal partner for government agencies, international organizations, the Aerospace Industry, and end-user businesses and scientific institutions.