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Application process

Discovering your place in our world starts here

You want challenging work, not a challenging hiring process. At Serco, you’ll find a streamlined application process, as well as the potential for growth, loyal colleagues and meaningful work. From the time you submit an application to receiving an offer and starting on your first day, our Serco team will guide you through every step of the process.

The application process: Follow these 6 simple steps.

Please note: All Serco positions require an application through our careers portal, you will have a personal interview face to face (in person or through Microsoft Teams) and all offers are extended through the same portal. We will not contact you from a general email account such as Gmail, we do not conduct interviews through texting platforms and will not present PDF/Word offer letters.  Serco will never ask you to provide payment or banking related information nor advance money to you as part of the application and hiring process.  If you are concerned about the legitimacy of someone claiming to be a Serco employee, please contact us at [email protected].


Your first step to finding your place at Serco begins with searching our current openings to find a position that’s right for you. Once you do, it’ll take you less than 10 minutes to complete your first application. Any other applications will only require you verify or update your information and answer position specific questions.

Application review

After you apply, you can count on our dedicated recruiters and hiring managers to take the time to personally review your application. Serco’s application system does not rely on technology to determine if someone is fit for a position. We’ll review your skills, background, and overall fit for the role you’ve applied to. Rest assured, we are taking careful consideration and you will hear from us about next steps throughout the process.


Your interview will be conducted in person or virtually and you’ll receive details in advance from your recruiter. This is the time to share your passion for making a difference and how you feel you can contribute to Serco in the role. We’ll ask you questions about your background, skills, and knowledge and you should also come prepared with questions to help you determine if this is the right role for you.


Congratulations! It may take time after the interview to make a decision, but it is part of our process to ensure Serco is a place where you can thrive. No matter your role, you’ll play an important part in the work we do at Serco. We’re excited to see you join our team and discover your place in our world.


At the same time your offer is extended, you will be provided information on completing a background check for all positions. In the United States, this will also include a pre-employment drug screening. There are specific deadlines to complete these actions, please review the requirements carefully and contact your onboarding coordinator or recruiter with any questions. You will also be assigned tasks in the career portal to prepare you for your first day.


Once all your contingencies have been met, you will be cleared to start your new position! Serco will notify you, confirm your start date, and provide information for your first day.

Advice and tips

Serco is a place you can count on—and that carries through to our hiring process. Set yourself up for success during the application process with these tips and guidance, from real Serco employees.

Send a thank you email after your interview to the people you met with. It doesn’t need to be long! Thank them for their time and that you enjoyed meeting with them. This is also an opportunity to highlight why you feel you are a good fit for the position or why the job/company is interesting to you. If you want to the job, tell them. Most people don’t follow up after the interview, so when someone does they really stand out.

Amy Doherty,
VP of Talent Acquisition

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