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Intel Jobs

Serco has been a trusted provider of national security and intelligence solutions for many years in the areas of program management, business solutions, cyber security, and system development.

Our business focused teams assist the Intelligence Community customer with program management, including acquisition strategy development, requirements development, budget formulation and execution and program oversight.  On this contract, Serco is always looking for knowledgeable and qualified Financial Managers; Contract Managers; Program Integrators; Business Financial Professionals; Technical Writers; and Acquisition Professional experts to provide executive-level systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA) support to our customer.

Additionally, we need cybersecurity experts who understand today's modern threats and can develop end-to-end security solutions to protect our nation's mission critical infrastructure.  Today, we are looking for Security engineers who can deliver robust services to our customers, including risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, certification and accreditation, information assurance and security architecture, engineering & development. 

We are also looking for qualified Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, and System Integrators, from journeymen to expert experience levels, to meet rapidly changing information technology requirements for system development, modification, deployment and support.