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Jobs Supporting the FAA

Serco is one of the largest non-government Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) in the world. We deliver air traffic control (ATC) services for small and medium regional airports as well as the largest commercial air hub on the globe. We have provided air traffic control services globally to private, public, and military customers since 1947, and within the United States since 1968. We deliver a range of critical air navigation services and build domestic ATC capacity to support air traffic growth in partnership with our aviation customers. Serco is also the only commercial ANSP to provide all the three ATC disciplines: Terminal Tower, Terminal Approach Control, and Enroute Center. No wonder we are one of the largest non-government employers of Air Traffic Controllers in the world!

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Our aviation expertise is extensive.  It includes air traffic control, air traffic engineering, safety services and oversight, training, simulation, strategic planning, program management, meteorological services, IT services, airport management, air traffic management, and aeronautical information management.  Serco is a leader in the aviation industry, promoting growth and providing our customers and users with safe, orderly, and expeditious air traffic services.

Where We Operate:

Serco’s US towers are in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.  We operate 61 towers for the FAA’s Contract Tower (FCT) Program, and the Ramp Control Tower at the San Diego International Airport. Serco-developed programs and processes are closely aligned with FAA safety, efficiency, and training goals.  In the US alone, we are responsible for over 4,000,000 annual aircraft operations including commercial flights transporting more than 10,000,000 passengers. Our team is responsible for the safe, orderly, and expeditious movement of air traffic through the nation’s airspace.

What We Offer:

  • Industry leading customer service standards
  • Competitive rate of pay
  • Paid vacation leave
  • Immersive training programs
  • Opportunities for career growth and progression
  • Highly collaborative team environment
  • Comprehensive benefits packages

Who Are We Looking For?:

We employ Air Traffic Control Specialists (ATCS), Air Traffic Managers (ATM), and Program Management personnel in Operations, Quality and Safety, Training, and other specialties vital to the national airspace system.  We are looking for professional air traffic controllers passionate about the aviation industry and motivated to provide excellent customer service.

As a member of the Air Traffic Control team, you can expect to:

  • Answer radio calls from arriving/departing aircraft
  • Issue landing/takeoff instructions
  • Issue information such as runway usage, wind velocity/direction, visibility, taxiing instructions, and pertinent data on other aircraft operating in vicinity
  • Issue air traffic clearances
  • Perform critical weather observations as a Limited Aviation Weather Reporting Station (LAWRS) observer, and to disseminate timely weather information to pilots, other air traffic control facilities and other users of the National Airspace System.
  • Transfer and receive control of aircraft
  • Operate equipment such as: radios, telephones, interphones, computer systems, radar, recording systems, weather equipment, light guns, airport/runway lighting systems, backup equipment, etc.
  • Alert Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighters and other first responders to aircraft experiencing emergency situations.
  • Coordinate with and issue instructions to airport vehicles/personnel
  • Maintain and disseminate records of daily operations
  • Perform on-the-job training instructor duties as required.

Requirements to join the team:

  • US Citizenship
  • An FAA Second Class Medical Certificate
  • A Control Tower Operator (CTO) rating or a Credential with a Tower Rating and at least 6 months of practical experience in accordance with 14 CFR Part 65.39
  • Eligibility to work for Serco under Federal Immigration Laws
  • Verification of education and employment references from previous employers including the release of drug and alcohol records
  • Passing a pre-employment drug screen
  • Receiving an FAA Security clearance (interim and final suitability)
  • Proof of identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

Here at Serco, professional development is a top priority. We help our team develop their skills and grow in their careers. If you are an experienced Air Traffic Controller with a prior tower certification or credential who wants to be part of a professional, customer service and safety-oriented organization, please check out our job postings.