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Diversity, equity and inclusion

A place where you belong

At Serco, we believe there is a place here for everyone. A place where you can bring your authentic self to work every day. Our workplace culture is one that embraces diversity, fosters equity, respect, and belonging for every individual. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment that proudly celebrates the perspectives and backgrounds that each of our employees bring to work every day.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Serco is based on a culture where every voice is heard and every employee feels valued. Working together as one team, we can enhance the experience of our people and teams, improve the value of our solutions to better serve the missions of our customers, and make a difference in our world.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that support you

Serco's ERGs help our employees discover their place in our world by providing networking, collaboration, learning and development opportunities, and provide a support channel for employee interests through communities that help create a sense of belonging.

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Serco celebrates the diversity and unique perspectives brought by our employees of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds and aims to be a more inclusive and equitable workplace where everyone has the tools they need to thrive and succeed. The SercoEmbrace Americas Employee Resource Group is committed to increasing cultural awareness and understanding of diversity issues across the organization.


In@serco + provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ employees and community and to ensure they have a voice and community of support within Serco. The network is committed to ensuring and supporting the business to enable all LGBTQ+ staff to feel safe and supported at work.

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The SercoRising network is designed specifically to support our early-career talent. SercoRising’s mission is to promote meaningful relationships and curate resources aimed at elevating the perspective of early-career employees to position Serco as a place where careers not only start, but where they can grow and thrive.


The SercoUnlimited network supports people with disabilities, health conditions and impairments, and friends and allies who want to learn and support the community. The network is focused on removing barriers and changing perceptions about disabilities, health conditions and impairments – both visible and nonvisible to ensure that every employee is recognized for their performance and potential.

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Serco is dedicated to providing a workplace that attracts, hires, develops and retains veterans of the U.S. and Canadian Armed Services and military spouses. We accomplish our mission in partnership with SercoVets, we actively recruit veterans, participate in veteran and military spouse initiatives and activities, provide transition support, support professional development, facilitate networking, and leverage veteran and military spouse knowledge and experience.


Serco is dedicated to the strategic retention and advancement of women by recognizing, developing and leveraging the talent of its female employees. The SercoWomen ERG offers its members an interactive space where diverse groups of women, and their allies, support one another in our professional and personal journeys; acknowledging challenges and empowering change while valuing and growing our strengths at work, home and within our communities.

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Strength through diversity

I want to be a change agent ensuring that those who feel voiceless are heard and that the impact of those voices bring about change that is far reaching and supports and elevates Serco’s commitment to being an inclusive workplace

Wanda Matthews
Senior Manager, Workforce Management and SercoEmbrace Americas Executive Sponsor

I’m incredibly passionate about creating a caring, inclusive, and supportive environment where female professionals are empowered to excel in their careers and receive the necessary recognition, development and growth opportunities to achieve success

Natasha McLean
VP, Serco Canada Services and SercoWomen Executive Sponsor

Whether you are a veteran, military spouse, family member of veterans, or an ally who supports them, the sercoVets ERG gives you an opportunity for engagement and collaboration with others who share their passion for veterans and veteran’s initiatives

Tom Watson
SVP Defense Services and sercoVets Executive Sponsor

Serco is a place for you

While everyone’s place may look a little different, you will find yours at Serco.

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