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A place where you can be your best self

Serco offers a holistic wellbeing program for all employees. Through wellbeing challenges, health education and, opportunities to set and achieve goals, Serco Wellbeing encourages you along your journey no matter where you are starting, and is one of the reasons why Serco is a place you can count on.

Programs designed to support your journey, whatever your journey looks like

At Serco, we offer a variety of programs designed to support our employees’ physical, emotional, financial, career, community, and social wellbeing. We believe it is important to make space for total wellbeing so that our employees can bring their best selves to all aspects of their lives.

Quarterly wellbeing challenges

Join us in quarterly wellbeing challenges that focus on physical, emotional, financial, career, community, and social aspects of your wellbeing. Participants are entered to win monthly and yearly prizes.

Flexible work schedules
Depending on the contract and team arrangements, many of our employees enjoy work flexibility benefits such as a 9/80 Friday work schedule, a timesheet cycle allowing employees to flex their time over 80 hours, and flexible holidays (US-based employees only).
Wellbeing Warriors
Each year, Serco accepts submissions for our Wellbeing Warriors program, which recognizes employees who have gone the extra mile to achieve their personal wellbeing goals in one or more of our wellbeing categories: physical, emotional, financial, social, career, and community.
Fitness and health club discounts
Serco partners with organizations offering over 200 digital workouts at no cost, or for a discounted monthly fee, employees can access over 2,500 workout videos, 11,000+ fitness centers, and lifestyle coaching—with no long-term contract (US-based employees only).
Health and wellbeing incentives
Stay on top of your health and earn cash or money towards your HRA by completing your yearly wellbeing checklist. The more you do, the more you earn. Of course, the best reward is your good health (US-based employees only).
Weight loss support
We partner with our health insurance provider to provide a personalized program for those looking to lose weight, lower blood pressure, and/or stay on top of their type 2 diabetes. Participants receive a professional health coach and more to help them reach their goals (US-based employees only).
Help with chronic pain
We partner with our health insurance provider to provide programming to address health concerns caused by chronic pain. This partnership helps our employees conquer back and joint pain, recover from injuries, prepare for surgery, or stay healthy and pain free (US-based employees only).
Childcare support
Have access to back-up childcare, back-up elder and adult care, tutoring & test prep resources and more.

The Serco Wellbeing challenges are fun activities that promote physical and financial health, and career development. The Serco Wellbeing webinars are excellent ways to promote nutritional and social awareness, as well as topics such as stress management.

Justin Minges
Patent Classifier, Virginia

Serco is a place for you

While everyone’s place may look a little different, you will find yours at Serco.

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