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A place to return to

Our experiences bring us together and the contributions you made while at Serco made a difference.

We may not look the same as we did when you worked here previously. Over recent years, Serco has acquired new companies and grown as a business, not only in size but in recognition too. As we take on new contracts and exceed expectations of our clients, our innovative solutions have not gone unnoticed.

Perks for returning Alumni

Our benefits are people oriented and we keep that in mind for all Serco employees, even the ones that left to pursue other goal. Maybe you relocated for a spouse’s job. Maybe you had to take some personal time off. We understand life happens. If you choose to return to Serco, we honor your impact and offer tenured benefits.


If you return within 5 years you are not starting at Serco as a ‘day one’ employee. The time you worked at Serco before is reflected in your seniority for things like 401(k) vesting and vacation accruals.

Service anniversary

Upon return, your hire date can be adjusted to align with service anniversaries that take your previous tenure into account.

Unique skillset

Serco Alumni rejoin the team with previous knowledge of the business and new experiences from their time away.

Join our Alumni community

Looking to stay up to date on Serco news and job opportunities? Click on the button below and sign up for our Alumni Community! When asked to select a Category under the Skills & Interests section, select “*Serco Alumni Network.”

My curious nature once caused me to leave Serco, however, I quickly learned not all companies are created equal. I missed the connection with coworkers and the support from my managers. When I returned, I was welcomed with open arms and was able to pick up where I left off with my PTO accrual and tenure, which was a pleasant surprise!

Amber Hill
Talent Analyst, Herndon, VA

Serco is a place for you

While everyone’s place may look a little different, you will find yours at Serco.

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