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Serco is a place you can make a difference with skills and capabilities unique to the trades

Serco is a place for you where your growth, loyalty, and motivation are valued. Here, you’ll develop your skills and continue to advance in your trade. We have a strong work culture with long-term, government backed contracts that provide you with stability you can count on.

Our tradespeople are essential to the work we do at Serco, and we believe that every contribution you make matters. Whether supporting our community, delivering essential services, or providing exceptional customer service, we offer a broad range of trade positions.

Here are a few featured career opportunities:

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Jobs

Deliver air traffic control (ATC) services that promote the development of aviation and provide safe, efficient and courteous service to our customers and users nationwide. 

Ministry of Transportation and DES Jobs

Provide and deliver essential services like driver examinations, operating and maintaining DriveTest centres, other front-line services on behalf of local and national governments and companies around the world in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

Growth. Loyalty. Reward.

At Serco, we offer more than just competitive pay. Here, you’ll also find long-term, stable opportunities, growth opportunities and colleagues as loyal as you. Depending on role, our tradespeople can take advantage of a broad range of benefits including:

Industry leading customer service standards

Competitive pay

Paid vacation leave

Immersive training programs

Opportunities for career growth and progression

Highly collaborative team environment

Comprehensive benefits packages

Cutting edge equipment, tools and technology

Strict health and safety protocols

Application process

You want challenging work, not a challenging hiring process. At Serco, you’ll find a streamlined application process, as well as potential for growth, loyal colleagues and meaningful work.

Serco is a place for you

While everyone’s place may look a little different, you will find yours at Serco.

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