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Serco Controller Training Solutions (CTS)

Serco is looking for candidates to support the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Controller Training Solutions (CTS) contract in response to Screening Information Request (SIR) 693KA8-19-R-00006. This contract will provide training and training-related program support services for the FAA’s air traffic controller training requirements.

CLICK HERE to view the COMPLETE list of FAA CTS jobs that Serco is currently looking to fill


Opportunities are available in Oklahoma City, OK at the FAA Academy, in Warrenton, VA at the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC), and at locations across the nation at various Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC), Terminal Radar Approach Controls (TRACON), and Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCT).

Positions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Instructors,
  • Remote Pilot Operators,
  • Lab Managers,
  • Remote Simulator Operators,
  • Instructional Systems Designers,
  • Multimedia Developers,
  • Computer Programmers,
  • Training Instructional Supervisors,
  • Training Materials Administrators,
  • Administrative Assistants,
  • and Contract Site Supervisors.

Serco invites you to select one of the 3 options (detailed below) from the drop down menu

  1. If you are presently supporting the FAA’s current Controller Training Contract (CTC) providing training, curriculum development and maintenance, or other training-related program support services for the FAA’s air traffic controller training requirements
  2. If you have previously supported the FAA CTC or are a retired FAA controller 
  3. If you have not previously supported FAA controller training, and are interested in a position other than an FAA certified controller/instructor for the FAA Controller Training Solutions (CTS) contract (such as RPO, Lab Manager, Curriculum Development, Radar Simulator Operator, Administrative Assistant)

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