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Newly Awarded SHAPM Contract Goes to Serco

Have you heard the news? Serco won the Team Submarine SHAPM Contract!

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Newly Awarded SHAPM Contract Goes to Serco

At Serco, we value our employees. Serco is an acronym for “Service Company”, and that is what we do, provide the best services to our customers and fellow citizens making a difference every day.  Serco is a place you can count on for growth, opportunity, and loyalty.  Discover your place in our world.

Continuing a legacy of acquisition, engineering, technical, logistics, financial management, and professional support expertise across the Team Submarine community, Serco plays a vital role in every major U.S. Navy submarine program.

Serco’s History Supporting the U.S. Navy:

With over 40 years of experience in total integrated ship design, Serco works across all major ship platforms including submarines, USVs, and UUVs. The Serco Team builds on decades of research and development, science and technology, and core engineering capabilities to continue to solve the toughest problems in naval architecture, marine engineering, operational support, modeling and simulation, power generation, and other mission-critical areas.

Serco’s Capabilities:

  • VIRGINIA Class
  • COLUMBIA Class
  • Undersea Weapons
  • Combat and Weapons Control
  • Submarine Integrated Power Systems
  • Submarine Acoustics
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • Joint Program Support

“Under our Team Submarine Ship Acquisition Program Manager (SHAPM) contract supporting the VIRGINIA Class Submarine Program, the COLUMBIA Class Submarine Program, The SSN(X) New Attack Submarine Program Office, and Marine Engineering for the COLUMBIA Program, Serco is the premier provider of support services to U.S. Navy Submarine Acquisition Programs.” - David J. Dacquino, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Serco, Inc. (North America division)

Types of Positions Available on the Team Submarine SHAPM Contract:

  • Acquisition Management Specialists
  • Engineers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Logistics Analysts
  • Military Analysts
  • Project/Program Managers
  • Security Engineers
  • Systems Administrators

FAQ's For Current Incumbents on SHAPM

Serco understands as an incumbent, contract transitions to a new company can be a stressful time.  We will be as transparent and available as possible in providing information and updates during this process.

Additional items will be added as we receive questions, and the date will be noted to new entries.  Please refer to this on a regular basis.

If I am an incumbent on the current contract, do I need to apply and interview for my position?

Yes, everyone will need to complete the hiring process to secure their position on the new contract with Serco (or designated subcontracting company).  The incumbent candidate checklist is provided below.  Please select the position that is closest to your current role, your Serco recruiter will move your application to the correct requisition if needed.  Do not be alarmed if your specific position is not posted as of yet: 

Will I be required to complete a background check and drug screen as part of the hiring process, even if I have a clearance?

Yes, it is a requirement for all U.S. candidates to successfully complete a background check and drug screen prior to employment with Serco, Inc.  The information for how to complete these tasks will be sent to you at the same time as an offer letter and you will be provided a window of time to complete these tasks.  PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot provide extensions for background checks and drug screens.  Failure to complete your background check and drug screen in a timely manner may disqualify you from employment with Serco, Inc.

Will there be an opportunity for me to learn more about Serco before I accept an offer?

Yes, you can find information on our website, you will have a personal interview and Serco will also be holding virtual information sessions for incumbents.

Will my vacation or PTO accrual balance be transferred to Serco?

No, your current company will pay out any vacation/PTO you have accrued in your last paycheck.  You will start accruing vacation and sick time per Serco’s regular schedule in your first pay cycle with Serco.

Will my employment seniority be honored by Serco (for vacation accrual, 401(k) vesting, etc.)?

No, you will be a new employee of Serco as of day one, unless you have been employed with Serco before.  Our policy is if you are a former employee who returns to Serco within 5 years, you pick up your seniority where you left off.

How will I find out more details about Serco benefits?

You will be able to discuss benefits and ask detailed questions during the hiring process and again at new hire orientation.  If offered a position, you will receive a thorough benefits document with your offer letter.  A summary of our benefits and what Serco offers our employees is provided here:

What are the timelines for the transition?

Serco started moving forward with transition on 5/20/2022 and expect to complete this transition on 7/31/2022.  Some specific positions may start earlier to assist with the transition.  We will provide regular updates via your email address on your application.

Is Serco a Veteran and Military Spouse friendly organization?

YES!  Serco supports and participates in various military transition programs, we are SkillBridge certified, and we have a dedicated Employee Resource Group: SercoVets.  Serco is dedicated to providing a workplace that attracts, hires, develops and retains veterans of the U.S. and Canadian Armed Services and military spouses. Our SercoVets Employee Resource Group is a community of veterans and their supporters that provides advocacy, networking, volunteering, and mentorship opportunities to strengthen engagement among our veterans and a connection to Serco. SercoVets is open to all employees who are veterans, military spouses, and allies who support them.  Serco has won many awards including Best for Vets, VETS Indexes 5 Star, and the DOL Gold Medallion, amongst others you can review here.:

Candidate Checklist for Serco Positions

Please select the position that is closest to your current role, your Serco recruiter will move your application to the correct requisition if needed.  Do not be alarmed if your specific position is not posted as of yet.

Step 1 - Complete the Serco Employment Application for One Position

If you are an incumbent and apply to a position, you are guaranteed an interview and will be considered for all potential positions. If your position is slated for a subcontractor, we will connect you with the subcontracting company to complete their hiring process.

Step 2 - Schedule and Complete Your Interview

The recruiter for your position will contact you via your application - please ensure your contact information is correct.

Step 3 - Complete Serco Employment Form Request

This form will be sent shortly after the offer discussion, under the subject line "Serco Employment Form Request".  Please select the link in the email to complete the form.  

Step 4 - Acknowledge Serco Offer of Employment

iCIMS will send the offer notification, under the subject line "Serco [Position] Offer.  Please use the link in this email to click and acknowledge your official offer letter.

Step 5 - Onboard Welcome Email/Initiate Background Order

Your onboarding specialist will send you instructions to initiate your background check and drug screening check order, under the subject line "IMPORTANT: Serco Background check and Drug Screen."  Additionally, [email protected] will send you notification with access to submit your screening order.

PLEASE NOTE:We cannot provide extensions for background checks and drug screens.Failure to complete your background check and drug screen in a timely manner may disqualify you from employment with Serco, Inc.

Step 6 - Complete Onboarding Tasks

Notifications from iCIMS, under the subject line "ACTION REQUIRED: Welcome to the Serco New Hire Portal" will be sent with a link to our New Hire Portal to complete your required Serco onboarding tasks.

Step 7 - Complete Section I of your I-9

[email protected] will send you instructions to complete section I of your I-9, under the subject line "[External] I-9 Completion Required

Step 8 - Onboarding Complete Confirmation

Notification from iCIMS will be sent with important details to prepare you for your first day under the subject line "Serco Orientation Instructions"

Step 9 - Complete New Hire Orientation on Start Date

Notification from iCIMS, under the subject line "IMPORTANT: Credentails for Serco Orientation" will be sent with a link to complete the required Serco Orientation tasks.  Please do not begin orientation tasks until your official start date.