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The War Zone: DARPA’s Defiant Fully Uncrewed Demonstrator Ship Will Hit The Seas Later This Year

Serco's super efficient and low-cost Defiant could have wide-ranging utility for the Navy, including working as a missile-laden drone boat. BY OLIVER PARKEN

Interesting Engineering

DARPA’s Defiant: Uncrewed demo ship to hit the seas in 2024, by Prabhat Ranjan Mishra

Serco is the prime contractor for the DARPA NOMARS Program (program named for 'No Manning Required Ship')

Serco's Ryan Maatta, Lead Engineer, was recently interview by Naval News on the teams' work on the DARPA NOMARS program. The program is aimed to increase fleet capability at a greatly reduced cost, providing a significantly more efficient cost per mission hour over current crewed or partially crewed vessels being advertised as unmanned. These projects are designed to improve operational efficiency, and most notably protect the lives and safety of our sailors.

Our Capabilities

NOMARS rendering


Serco is working closely with the Navy to develop the next generation of surface and subsurface autonomous vessels with customers, including the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, and the Naval Information Warfare Center.

US Navy Aircraft Carrier

Platform Modernization

Serco is a proven partner for large-scale, complex modernization programs of strategic platforms at sea, on the ground, in the air, and in space with integrated design and installation capabilities.

Naval Design and Engineering

Serco is delivering on the Team Submarine Mission by developing, acquiring, modernizing and maintaining the world’s best Submarines and Undersea Systems.

Next-Generation Solutions

Serco employed mission-based cybersecurity risk assessments to enable US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to rapidly field new capabilities.

Group of North America Army personnel studying in classroom

Personnel Readiness

We enhance the performance of warfighters and help clients adapt to organizational change through evidence-based analysis, training solutions, and support for servicemen and women transitioning back to civilian life.

F-35c on aircraft carrier

Navy Price Fighter Program

The Navy faced challenges with cost overruns related to maintenance, sparing, software upgrades, and modernization of the Naval Supply Systems Command’s (NAVSUP) Price Fighter program. Serco provided an outcome that mattered.

C5ISR - Innovative Technical Solutions

Meet the engineering, integration, and lifecylce team at Serco that deliver "end-to-end" solutions for our customers.

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