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For 60 years, Serco has supported our customers' space missions Space Symposium

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Serco in Space Newsletter

Serco in Space Newsletter

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Serco has been providing critical support for our space customers and their missions for 60 years, with the first contract win at RAF Fylingdales in the early 1960s. Today, we operate in military satellite communication support services, air defense radar, ballistic missile early warning and space support as well as space data handling. Serco brings together the right people and the right technology to create innovative solutions that make a postive impact.

How do you... Solve urgent and complex space challenges? Ask Serco.

Our Services

Space has become a new frontier for strategic competition as commercial exploitation of space-based communication, surveillance, and manufacturing has grown exponentially. Serco has a long tradition of supporting space operations for the US and allied nations. We operate and manage advanced systems that maintain space domain awareness and provide cyber support for a range of space missions.

Satellite orbiting Earth

Earth observation data management services

Our teams of engineers, technicians and operations specialists support a wide range of space and ground segment activities. We provide our customer with critical support services. 

Satellite in orbit

Spacecraft control and flight dynamics

We have a unique heritage of providing spacecraft management expertise to multiple Civil and Defence organisations for a wide variety of mission profiles.

ESA - Radar

Ground segment infrastructure operations

Our expert teams provide infrastructure operations, including flexible and dependable IT and engineering services for satellite operations. 


Engineering services

We provide our clients with the best talented engineers, innovative approach, and recognised engineering expertise required for complex space programmes and missions.

Control room

Program delivery and support

Rich and diverse solutions that flexibly meet our clients' needs.

Server room

IT support services

Over the past years, we have undertaken major technical and engineering projects for major space players and organizations. Our deep industry knowledge will bring added value to the solutions we deploy.

Wind turbine farm and radar on the landscape with sunset background

SATCOM & Radar Modernization

Satellite communications and radar systems are fundamental to maintaining battlefield awareness and information superiority.

Planet Earth

Space Enabled Environmental Solutions

Through technology-enabled, knowledge-driven insights, Serco can work with you to address your critical environmental needs, providing better decision making to impact a better future.

Computer Code

ECLIPSE Software Suite

The ECLIPSE Software Suite is instrumental to the successful operations of numerous (inter)national Space Agencies, Large Platform System Integrators and SMEs across Europe.

Space Operations Center

Serco Space Academy

Our academy features a catalogue of space training services that is built upon over 50 years of operational experience across the full range of space sector disciplines, delivered by global space experts with decades of experience.

Spend your summer in space with Serco


Serco Summer Internship Program

The Serco internship program is open to undergraduate students and runs from the end of May until early August. You can find a meaningful internship working in everything from Artificial Intelligence to Systems Engineering — and many other areas in between. As a Serco intern, you can count on trusted leadership and loyal colleagues to make you feel a part of the team. Whether you’re interning in business development, computer science, human resources, or mechanical engineering, there is a place for you here because every contribution matters.

Our accredited program has been recognized as WayUp’s 2021 Top 100 Internship Programs as an organization that demonstrate best practices around offering students professional experiences through internships that provide them with applicable skills for their future careers.

To learn more about our Summer internship program and start your application, click here

Serco’s Urban Twin Solution

As an end-to-end transformation partner, through our advisory business and Climatize, as an additional service layer, we can use that data and insights to chart a course towards sustainable urban development. Harnessing the wealth of information extracted from the urban twin, our sustainability experts embark on meticulous analysis, uncovering trends and patterns essential for informed decision-making. With this knowledge in hand, we are empowered to formulate holistic strategies that address the complex interplay between urbanisation, resource management, and environmental impact.

From optimising energy consumption through renewable integration to redesigning urban landscapes for enhanced resilience, our integrated approach transcends conventional boundaries, fostering a paradigm shift towards a more sustainable future. With Climatize augmenting our advisory capabilities, we not only identify opportunities for innovation but also provide actionable solutions that drive tangible, positive change in communities worldwide.

How do you... Address climate change through a holistic space solution? Ask Serco.

Serco staff looking at interactive display embedded into top of table with monitor in background with Copernicus logo

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