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Citizen Services

Through our case management and workforce development services, we have set the standard for large-scale, high-volume programs that deliver better government services to citizens.

Delivering better government services to citizens

Serco has set the standard of excellence for large-scale, high-volume programs that deliver vital citizen services in areas including healthcare, immigration, retirement benefits, and intellectual property.

As service delivery specialists, we work to make government services more efficient, responsive, and customer friendly. We understand the often complex regulatory and security requirements of executing government programs. We are known for standing up programs quickly, assembling and training highly qualified teams, and delivering to well-defined service level metrics.

Serco has become the go-to partner for high-impact digital government service programs that require pulling together people, processes, and technology under very tight time frames. Our methodology ensures that vital government programs are stood up on time, and on schedule, and then build continuous improvement into ongoing operations.

Serco offers:

  • World-class process expertise that enables Serco to apply best practices from the most innovative and successful programs.
  • Proven ability to scale from start-up to millions of flawless transactions in a matter of months.
  • Unmatched program visibility with tools that provide our customers with real-time insights into progress and performance metrics.
  • Focus on the customer experience that aligns government services with heightened expectations of citizens to achieve excellent and convenient customer service.
  • Small business support as an award-winning partner that has helped small and disadvantaged businesses to learn and grow with Serco.


  • We support many of the most high profile services to citizens in North America, including the availability of health insurance under the Affordable Care Act and continuous improvement in processing patent applications for the U.S. Patent and Trade Office.

  • We pioneer technology-led process and service improvements within case management, for example, we process over 3,400,000 patent applications with 100% timeliness, increase classification accuracy to over 97% and improve routing accuracy by over 38%, handling a 300% increase in applications in the last 20 years for the US Patent and Trademark Office.

  • We have successfully trained millions of learners, including developing critical safety inspection training for 5,000 Federal Aviation Administration inspectors, and supporting Explosives Safety, HAZMAT and Munitions certification training for over 161,000 Department of Defense personnel.

  • Since 1986 we have provided full training lifecycle support for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), training more than 400,000 DHS students in all areas, including 71 days of performance-based training for Special Agents working at Homeland Security Investigations, as well as a 17-week curriculum for new officers in Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

Case Management

Developed intelligent case management platforms that transform how the government runs complex, large-scale programs.

Facilities Technology Solutions

Provides full lifecycle facilities and asset management solutions, utilizing IBM TRIRIGA, to enable data driven-decisions that achieve cost savings, provide superior work places, and ensure regulatory compliance for organizations.

Training & Human Capital Management

Works with Federal government agencies, delivering performance-oriented human capital management solutions. 

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