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Case Management

Case Management

The federal government faces the immense challenge of delivering vital services to millions of citizens while ensuring the integrity of how it spends our taxpayer dollars. Given the digital revolution in customer service, citizens now expect a new level of convenience and access in interactions with government agencies.

Serco has developed an intelligent case management platform that transforms how the government runs complex, large-scale programs. Our customers include a wide range of U.S. Federal civilian agencies as well as Federal and provincial governments in Canada.

Our approach enables customers to:

  • Dramatically reduce total cost of ownership
  • Transform clerical workers into empowered knowledge specialists
  • Achieve fully auditable program integrity
  • Obtain complete transparency on key performance metrics and outcomes
  • Provide citizens with the right information the first time
  • Resolve problems faster to eliminate wasteful cycles and missteps

Serco has assembled best-of-breed artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning technologies into an intelligent case management platform that meets the requirements of large-scale government programs subject to rigorous oversight. We have implemented our solution in verticals, including healthcare benefits, insurance, intellectual property, retirement benefits, and entitlements.

We design and support high profile, transformative programs that handle millions of records, shorten cycle times, reduce errors, and dramatically improve citizen satisfaction.

Key Facts

  • We process millions of documents annually through our case management system, with over 3,000 staff who assist consumers seeking US federally facilitated healthcare coverage.

  • We are responsible for processing, analysing, and classifying 350,000 patent applications a year, allowing the US to lead innovation.

  • We support 4.5 million US Federal government employees to feel more secure about their retirement plans.

  • We assist the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) to protect the retirements of 37 million Americans with private-sector pension plans through helping make records management, data analytics, and administrative processes more efficient.