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Learning Reporting & Analytics

  • Robust Learning Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environment. At Serco, we integrate analytical tools and evaluation processes throughout the learning continuum to monitor, analyze, and enhance learner performance. From data capture and analysis to visualization and recommendation — we close the feedback loop to learners, offering more timely, precise, actionable feedback. In addition, instructional designers and program leaders gain new insights into the learning process and outcomes.
  • Intelligent Data Collection: We build infrastructures that are intelligently designed to include multiple reporting points in order to monitor the health of our learning programs. Learning metadata is efficiently collected at key points in the learning environment and used to report performance in real-time through dashboards and portals.
  • Dashboards and Portals: At Serco, our virtual learning environments support multi-user, on-demand actions through online portals. Portals connect learners from outside or inside a company or agency. Metadata is captured within the environment including course registrations, course completions, assessment scoring, and other types of data. We setup customized user notifications and reports to run on a specific schedule.
Our systems analytics track compliance, course completions, and competencies, which can be publicly consumed thru a portal or made available through customized management reports.