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Training Operations & Facility Management

  • Large and Small Training Facilities: Serco manages training facilities from the large and complex, to the small and specialized. Our team is experienced in training scheduling, student registration, training materials production, distribution, and coordination for multiple clients. Serco coordinates schedules and the registration system data, collaborates with course managers, and ships and tracks the receipt of materials to field offices.
  • Facilities Management: Serco can manage all technical aspects of a classroom-based training center that includes coordinating facility needs, classroom setup, unique technical set up, computer tracking, and technical equipment tracking, for hundreds of instructors. We respond to all just-in-time support needs of the instructors while they are instructing and provide frequent technical solutions to any technology challenges that arise during training.
  • Virtual Training and Delivery:  Our team of instructional designers, learning technologists, and training specialists develop creative, interactive, and engaging virtual learning solutions. Serco has the experience developing and delivering the full spectrum, from single sessions to large scale virtual Instructor-Led Training and fully blended learning programs.
  • Full training facility management including scheduling and registration
  • Integration with Learning Technology tools (LMS, KMS)
  • Help Desk Support
  • Multi-modal training capabilities (ILT, VILT, VTC)
  • Secure facilities with managed access