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Hardware Integration

Serco builds and delivers “mission ready” IT, networking, and communications systems adapted to the needs of defense, intelligence, and homeland security customers.

With a strong foundation in systems engineering, we procure the material and then assemble, integrate, and perform acceptance testing for a wide range of C5ISR systems.

Our production methodology allows us to optimize technology to the client’s mission requirements, so as to eliminate downstream maintenance issues and reduce the costs of deployment and sustainment.

In our work for the U.S. Navy, Serco provides equipment burn-in, integration, testing, and validation so as to find and eliminate any compatibility or failure issues before equipment ever reaches the operational unit, reducing lost time and cost overruns.

Our hardware integration services span a full range of systems and operating environments, including build-to-print specifications, supply chain management, engineering support, mechanical fabrication, electrical fabrication, connectorization and cable fabrication, electronic assembly and equipment burn-in, systems testing and acceptance.

Key facts

  • Major systems built for the Navy include Automated Digital Network System (ADNS), Consolidated Afloat Network Enterprise Services (CANES), Digital Modular Radio (DMR) High Frequency Distribution Amplifier Group (HFDAG), and Navigation Sensor System Interface (NAVSSI).