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Integrated Logistics Support

Serco supports the mission readiness of the warfighter through comprehensive and cost-effective supply chain management and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). Our approach looks at the total lifecycle of weapons systems and materiel to optimize reliability, availability, and maintainability in theater. We provide our clients with the tools and expertise to keep critical assets mission-ready and manage costs across a range of fast-evolving operational scenarios.

Maritime Sustainment

Serco provides critical support to the U.S. and Canadian Navies overseeing the modernization, maintenance, sustainment, and training required to keep the fleet in optimal readiness to support missions across the globe.

Serco's team of logistics specialists have perfected integrated supply chain management to include establishing demand-based inventories, procurement, inventory/material management, and asset distribution and transportation. We manage assets today, ranging from Hazardous Materials to state-of-the-art medical equipment to repair parts for undersea surveillance. We are pioneering the use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in applications, including predictive failure identification and maintenance scheduling for vessels and components.

Our four decades of experience have enabled Serco to support international clients in the U.K., Australia, and elsewhere with logistics and maintenance services for civilian, military, and research vessels on a cost-effective basis.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

Our Armed Forces face the immense challenge of maintaining and sustaining critical legacy weapons platforms while deploying new technologically advanced systems in the face of constrained budgets. Serco supports our clients with advanced logistics planning, demand forecasting, asset tracking, and dispositions. We are applying artificial intelligence (A.I.) to help defense customers understand failure rates and accurately forecast the need for repairs, sparing, and replenishment.

Our capabilities include integrated logistics support for weapons systems, material management, hazardous materials management, warehouse and depot management, and supply chain maintenance. We combine logistics with program management and training as part of an integrated surge capability responsive to client needs.

Response and Recovery Services

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Key Facts in the Americas

  • We provide back-end sustainment of all the surface ships that are in service with the U.S. Navy for NAVSEA 21, including modernization, overhaul, training and sustainment of every ship class.
  • We are developing artificial intelligence (AI) tools on multiple Navy programs to enable big data analysis to improve outcomes in maintenance, mission sustainment, fleet readiness, and efficiency
  • We support the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) response to major disasters and emergencies with advisory and assistance services, technical assessments, cost analysis, and project management.