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SATCOM & Radar Modernization

Satellite communications and radar systems are fundamental to maintaining battlefield awareness and information superiority. Serco assists our clients in the modernization and sustainment of critical equipment onshore, deployed at sea, and on airborne platforms.

Our cost-effective approach extends the life, reliability, and operational availability of the communications and radar systems essential to the modern warfighter.

Serco’s services span the entire lifecycle from initial systems engineering and conceptual design, through prototyping, limited-rate and full-rate production, repair and sustainment. Our expertise in obsolescence engineering helps sustain critical equipment through redesign and requalification so as to meet or enhance the performance specifications of the original equipment.

Key Capabilities

  • Overhaul & Refurbishment to deliver “like new” equipment that extends the life of proven systems, incorporates technological upgrades, and reduces the total ownership cost for the warfighter.
  • Design & Prototyping of new systems and components to meet the needs of military customers and OEMs.
  • Testing & Diagnostics of mission-critical systems onboard, on-shore and within depot facilities using a range of diagnostic tools and test equipment that identifies the source of performance issues, avoids costly false positives, and guides targeted overhaul and repair.
  • On-site Engineering Support by experienced field engineers and training experts to support warfighters charged with operating and maintaining these systems.

Serco supports a full range of OEM SATCOM and Radar platforms, including:

  • Global Broadcast Service (GBS)
  • Navy Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Terminals
  • WSC-6 SATCOM Terminal
  • Submarine High Data Rate (SubHDR)
  • Navy Multiband Terminal
  • Airforce MILSTAR Contingency Antennas
  • Joint Threat Emitters
  • C-Band, K-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band and Q-Band communications systems

Our OEM partners include Raytheon, Sierra Nevada, and Harris.

World-Class Depot Facility

Serco maintains a central depot facility with all the advanced equipment required to diagnose and refurbish sophisticated SATCOM and Radar systems and components.

  • Near-Field Antenna Range – Serco maintains one of the largest MI-Technologies scanners in the Northeast, with a 12’ x 12’ planar and cylindrical near-field range capable of testing from 0.5 GHz to 110 GHz.
  • Compact Antenna Range – Capable of measuring full 360° antenna patterns with aperture sizes of up to 1 meter, this range covers from 12 to 110 GHz and can perform simultaneous frequency scanning using Serco’s custom software.
  • RF Component Lab – Provides a clean environment for design and testing of RF components, with a 50 GHz Agilent PNA, and Agilent Noise Figure Analyzer, and various types of testing equipment for complex RF components.
  • Environmental Test Chambers – Are used to subject equipment to extreme temperatures, shock and vibration to validate design performance parameters.