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Serco provides turnkey parking management for cities across North America. Our comprehensive parking services span system design and procurement to operations and curb side terminal management.

We manage parking enforcement that is focused on efficiency and smart city transformation, enabling our customers to enhance revenue generation, reduce operating costs, reduce urban congestion, and improve their focus on transportation strategy.

Serco has experience deploying the latest parking technology for license plate recognition, smart meters, and parking meter management services.

We provide timely event response and maintenance to reduce downtime for parking systems in the field. Our team has a strong service ethos so that the public comes away with an impression of politeness and respect.

As cities become more creative in managing the streetscape and reducing congestion, Serco also provides support for dynamic street traffic control, traffic dispatch services, and smart city transformation programs.

Our comprehensive parking services include system design and procurement, revenue collection, accounting and revenue control, installation and maintenance, technical support and reporting, event management and parking systems, and operations and curb side terminal management.

Key facts

  • We manage, and maintain parking meters and payment processing for 25,000 parking meters through the US.
  • When new technology is combined with our services, we have revenue generation increases of 40-50%

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