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Serco collaborates with government clients to make data-driven, evidence-based decisions, acquire new capabilities, and manage large and complex programs to defined outcomes. Acquisition and program management

Agile innovation to match the urgency of the mission

Government agencies are constantly challenged to incorporate new technologies and adapt to new missions while working with limited resources. Delays can mean the loss of strategic advantage or funding support, and decisions need to be supported with rigorous analysis.

Serco has helped our clients establish a new pace of innovation for how the weapons of the future move from concept to deployment. We help our clients to mine large data sets and transparently evaluate alternatives to arrive at evidence-based decisions. We provide the expert resources you need to manage the most complex programs with our unique Agile Innovation approach.

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Acquisition Lifecycle Management

Beyond the cost of launching a new weapons platform or standing up a program, Serco helps our clients understand the total cost of ownership, including maintenance, sparing, upgrades, and obsolescence. We apply AI, advanced data analysis, and digital twins to run countless simulations to understand the consequences of design decisions on future costs, reliability, and deployment in theater.

Evidence-Based Decisions

Serco provides senior leaders with the tools to evaluate multiple acquisition paths to optimize the tradeoffs between capabilities, cost, and time. We help set up transformational programs for success by doing the essential front-end planning to empower decision-makers.

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Modernization & Sustainment

Sustaining strategic advantage requires ongoing upgrades to legacy platforms, including cyber, C5I, and next-generation weapons. Serco helps to develop modernization and sustainment strategies that leverage existing investments and promote joint operations.

Rapid-Response Program Support

We have earned a reputation as the team to turn to when crisis strikes. We can mobilize groups of subject matter experts across a range of technical disciplines in a matter of days to address challenges ranging from natural disasters to national security threats.

In the event of incidents at sea or in port, Serco pulls together marine engineering, program management, logistics, and safety specialists to assess the damage, help determine a path to recovery, and place vessels on a fast track to being back in service.

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