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Serco employs a differentiated suite of proven tools, including AI, robotic process automation, and data analytics, to reimagine vital government services. Digital solutions

Leading the Digital Government Revolution

Serco is collaborating with government agencies to lead the revolution in digital government services and set new standards for scalability, efficiency, and quality of service.

The federal government is being asked to meet a growing range of health, environmental, and social challenges in a rapidly evolving landscape. Citizens now bring higher expectations to the quality and timeliness of their interactions with the government. At the same time, funding support has often not kept pace with the volumes served by these programs.

Serco offers a collaborative approach to digital transformation that draws upon advanced intelligent automation combined with the human touch of a team deeply invested in our clients' missions.

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AI and robotic process automation (RPA)

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) can transform how government delivers a broad range of essential services. Applications range from awarding disability benefits to granting patents to adjudicating immigration applications and healthcare insurance benefits. Serco designs and operates programs that help our clients render decisions faster, using better data, at a far lower cost. Robotic process automation eliminates repetitive, inefficient tasks.  Automated decision support transforms document processors into empowered knowledge workers. Serco has the experience to ensure that data privacy, security, and governance standards are applied consistently across programs that serve millions of citizens.

Advanced Data Analytics

Senior government leaders require the ability to rapidly access and synthesize massive data sets to monitor program performance, adapt to new missions, and drive organizational change. Serco’s analysts and data scientists help design and automate tools to visualize critical performance indicators and discover patterns and connections that lead to better outcomes. We apply machine learning and natural language processing to synthesize thousands of financial, performance, and sensor inputs into a unified data visualization model. Applications include operations research, cost & financial analysis, scenario planning, acquisition and sustainment support, and video analytics.  Click here to read about our Tech Trakr analytics platform.

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Case Management

We have a track record of standing up new programs that process tens of millions of cases and continuously improve service levels while reducing costs. Serco’s intelligent automation platform empowers caseworkers to compare disparate data sources to verify critical information in seconds and then apply thousands of rules and policies in real-time. We provide a comprehensive solution including applications processing, citizen response center, fraud prevention, program integrity, and quality control and are accountable across all program metrics.

Cyber Security

Government agencies face a constantly evolving threat from state and non-state actors seeking to penetrate networks, extract information, and probe for vulnerability to crippling attacks. Serco designs our solutions with a cyber-first approach. Our end-to-end security expertise has been honed by work for the most sensitive environments used by the intelligence community and military clients. We apply machine learning to automate risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, and compliance as new threats emerge. We support robust cyber security architecture, information assurance, engineering and development, and training services.

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Secure Cloud

Government agencies are leveraging the power of cloud computing to improve data access, reduce costs, and streamline network upgrades and modernization. This cloud transformation must meet data security, governance, and cyber requirements significantly more stringent and complex than many commercial applications. We have the expertise to assist both civilian and DoD clients with developing the right strategy, partners, and implementation path to support mission goals and reduce risks of cloud migration. We have helped implement secure cloud migrations cited as model cases for defense clients and provided training to enable others to design and execute cloud transformation strategies.

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