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Serco is your trusted partner to develop the environment needed to enable your workforce to succeed Human Capital & Organization Transformation Solutions

“In a time of unprecedented technological advances and global change, Federal leaders, managers, and front-line employees must not only be aware of the changes to the work, workforce, and workspace, but must also be able to identify weak signals, anticipate trends, and plan for the inevitable changes.”--2022 Federal Workforce Priorities Report

Innovative approaches to enable Federal agencies to achieve their human capital goals

Since the implementation of the Government Performance Modernization Act in 2010 and through multiple regulations issued since, agencies have been under increasing pressure to improve accountability and efficiency of their human resources services, connect performance to Agency strategic goals and report on progress as part of the overall agency performance reporting.  This requires comprehensive program assessments, development of Human Capital Strategic Plans and Human Capital Operating Plans, and systemic improvements to multiple programs, while continuing to provide the vital services their customers rely on. 

These challenges were occurring against a backdrop of transformational change in the workplace that was dramatically accelerated and influenced by the pandemic, exacerbating the challenges Federal agencies face in recruiting and retaining top talent.  Advances in technology, including artificial intelligence, increased prevalence of remote and hybrid work arrangements, rising wages and record low unemployment require agencies to transform their human capital systems, processes, and strategies to keep pace with the change and continue to provide the people and skills needed for their agencies to meet evolving mission requirements.

Serco’s Organizational Transformation Approach

Serco brings experienced professionals across a broad range of disciplines, advanced technologies, and innovative approaches to enable Federal agencies to achieve their human capital goals.  Understanding that people are your most valuable asset and key to mission success, Serco is your trusted partner to develop the environment needed to enable your workforce to succeed in this time of unprecedented change, whether you seek to sustain or adapt current programs, or fundamentally transform human capital management in your Agency.  We provide a flexible approach to support that includes sustained, dedicated personnel augmented by support from our consulting force who can deliver high-level expertise to augment your team either on a sustained or surge basis, or to conduct focused studies and analysis, providing flexible, adaptable support on a cost-effective basis.  Serco provides full spectrum support including in these key areas:

Human Capital Strategic Planning 

Federal agencies are required to align human capital programs to support and enable their agency strategic goals and report on progress in these areas.  Serco’s Human Capital strategic planners can guide you through the process of developing measurable, achievable goals, strategies, and operating plans to support your agency and transform your workforce.

HR Program Evaluation and Modernization 

Serco uses a system of systems approach to evaluating and evolving programs to objectively assess capability, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop effective action plans to better align programs with your agency strategic goals and improve support to your workforce.  This approach evaluates people, processes, and technology, considering the culture in which changes must occur.  We bring the capability to assist HR in evolving the way they do business to turn the potential disruptions of the changing nature of work into opportunities to improve service and employee opportunities.

Organizational Analysis and Design

Ensuring your agency is maximizing the valuable contributions of your workforce to support your mission priorities, we employ a range of specialized models and methodologies to analyze your work requirements and design structures and processes to enable mission success while providing better development opportunities for your workforce. 

Strategic Workforce Planning & Management

Ensuring you have the right people with the right skills to complete the work of today and tomorrow requires a systematic approach to analyzing supply and demand, defining and documenting evolving competency requirements, and employing forecasting and predictive analytics to continuously assess and focus recruiting and retention efforts and workforce development efforts.  Our team brings experience from across the Federal government leveraging innovative processes and tools to bring best of breed ideas to elevate your workforce planning. 

HR Data Analytics

Key to modernizing and evolving human capital programs in the changing workspace is maximizing the use of data to drive decision making.  Our team brings advanced technologies and data analysis capabilities from across our broad portfolio of capabilities supporting a myriad of federal programs that we are able to leverage in the human capital space in new ways to realize the power of data to enable your agency to understand and evolve your workforce to stay ahead of change and attract top talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Remote Work Analysis

In the wake of the pandemic and its disruption of the traditional workplace, agencies are struggling to find the right balance of in-person versus remote work, and to optimize performance and facilities requirements in this new environment.  Serco employs a range of models to align the work, workforce, and facilities to minimize cost, balance employee quality of life, and mission performance to meet these challenges.

Workforce Development

In conjunction with workforce planning to shape Agencies to support mission requirements, we provide a full range of workforce development services to support your employees as they grow and evolve skills and experience along their journey as part of your workforce.  These services include a full suite of learning and performance solutions to include instructional design, training using multiple media and modes of delivery, including Virtual and Augmented Reality, and learning program management.

Improving Talent Acquisition

We enable recruiting a diverse and highly skilled workforce by transforming reactive functions into proactive sourcing models that comply with regulatory requirements and accelerate the organization’s ability to identify and recruit top-quality candidates today and to meet the evolving needs of tomorrow’s workforce.

HR Process Innovation

Building on Lean Six Sigma and other process improvement approaches, we analyze processes to streamline operations and apply advanced technologies like adaptive AI, machine learning and robotic process automation to reduce the burden of repetitive transactional tasks, enabling your employees to focus their efforts on more valuable, strategic tasks as your agency adapts to the future of work.

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Effective leadership is essential to success in the current environment and what defines effective must evolve to lead the workforce of tomorrow.  We deliver training and professional development programs to assist employees in developing leadership skills using a strengths-based approach to grow the leaders needed to enable mission success.

Cultural Alignment & Development

Meeting the evolving demands of the modern workforce requires understanding and, where necessary, transforming the culture of your agency to enable your employees to succeed.  The best strategy is doomed to fail unless it is tailored to fit the culture of your organization.  We consider culture in all aspects of our analysis to understand what is achievable, and design realistic, executable program improvements.

Strategic Communications and Change Management

Preparing for, communicating, and managing change effectively are as important as proper planning.  These considerations should be included from the start and guided by experienced practitioners to enable success in any program or process transformations.  Serco embeds change management principles in all of our work and we include strategic communications and change management professionals to support all or our teams.

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