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Health watchdog gives hospital clean bill of health

Published: 22 Apr 2014

A Serco-run hospital is meeting all essential quality and safety standards, according to a health watchdog.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) report commended Bluebird Lodge in Ipswich for the quality of service it provides, following unannounced routine visits in November and March.

The hospital, part of Suffolk Community Healthcare, which employs about 1,000 people across the county, was evaluated against seven criteria and met six in November. Following the revisit last month, the CQC judged that it now meets all seven.

They are: consent to care and treatment; care and welfare of people who use services; safeguarding people who use services from abuse; supporting workers; assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision; complaints; and records.

Dr Abigail Tierney, chief executive of Suffolk Community Healthcare, said: "I am delighted the CQC has given Bluebird Lodge a clean bill of health. This means all four of our hospitals have had excellent reports, which is down to our marvellous staff, their high standards and their care for patients.

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"We like to deliver our services by listening to people and we know they appreciate that, because everyone who responded to our survey two months ago said they would recommend all four of our community hospitals to their family and friends. In addition, 99% said they would recommend all our community services."

The commission looked at the personal care and treatment records of people using the hospital and talked to patients and staff. People who used the service were complimentary about staff.

The report said: "They told us that the staff treated them respect and kindness. One person who used the residential service said: 'They are very good.' Another person said: 'They are very nice, very caring.' We saw that the staff interacted with people in a caring, respectful and professional manner.

"We saw good examples of positive care practice. For example, one person who required prompting support to eat their meal, staff were seen to sit with this person at eye level and spoke to them appropriately in an encouraging manner.

"Staff explained to us how people had been involved in their care and how it was the aim of the service to prepare and rehabilitate people to live independently in the community wherever possible."

During their visit in November, CQC inspectors felt there was not enough evidence of records being updated often enough throughout the day.

After their follow-up visit last month, they judged that: "People's records, including medical records, were accurate and fit for purpose. We saw that the information recorded in care plans and risk assessments had been updated to ensure that staff had the most recent information to meet people's needs."


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