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delivers accommodation for asylum seekers in Glasgow and Belfast on behalf of the UK Home Office


COMPASS is a five-year accommodation management contract with the Home Office for Scotland’s asylum seekers which Serco has been managing since 2012.

Serco currently provides accommodation in Glasgow for around 3,700 service users who have recently entered the UK and have applied for asylum.  They stay in ‘Initial Accommodation’ for approximately 19 days whilst undergoing an initial assessment of their asylum claim with UK Visa and Immigration. 

Once applications are processed, and the Home Office deems the asylum seeker eligible for accommodation support, they are moved to ‘Dispersed Accommodation’.   As the name suggests this is in properties throughout Glasgow. 

Serco ensures that all properties used for the various stages of the Asylum process are inspected on a monthly basis, and any defects repaired in a reasonable timescale.

Serco works closely with statutory agencies and partners across Scotland,  including - Glasgow City Council, NHS, Police Scotland, Social Services, Education, British Red Cross, Scottish Refugee Council, Integration Networks and Migrant Help - to ensure these vulnerable people who are in our care receive a medical check from a contracted NHS provider and are able to access support with their asylum claim.

Last Updated: 11 Apr 2016