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Healthcare in Scotland

Serco's Scottish hospitals produce 5,000 meals, freshly prepared in-house, every day for patients, visitors and staff

Healthcare in Scotland

Serco work in partnership with the NHS in Scotland to deliver joined-up healthcare solutions.

We offer Integrated Facilities Management, Care Coordination and Business Process Outsourcing.

We go to great lengths to design our solutions around the needs of real people involved in healthcare, putting patients first, but also listening carefully to everyone from porters to paediatricians, from hospital caterers to district nurses.

We fully understand the pressures on healthcare providers all over the world in today's environment to deliver better value for money, and so in order to tailor a successful transformation for every customer we bring:

  • a relentless focus on people - with world-class staff  and community engagement programmes and a unique design process that delivers excellent patient experience as standard
  • fresh thinking and new practical ideas
  • new ways of partnership working
  • focus on delivering joined up healthcare systems


Last Updated: 05 Apr 2016