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Providing a multichannel contact centre that draws on our expertise in healthcare


Serco’s Skypark operation in Glasgow provides a multichannel contact centre that draws on our expertise in health care. We’re the first point of contact for members of the British Medical Association. Consultants and doctors are provided with advice and information on matters from employment law to membership fees. Our clients particularly value the role our contract advisers play in ensuring their terms and conditions are in line with national

We also work with Public Health England to provide information, advice and guidance. This important role covers areas such as smoking, substance misuse, alcohol and sexual health, amongst others.

We understand the importance of our role and have worked hard to reduce the number of hoax calls - simultaneously increasing the number of “genuine” contacts.  What’s more, we’ve achieved a 20 per cent reduction in costs over the past year.

'Sugar Smart'

The team worked with Public Health England (PHE) to launch a new Change4Life Sugar Smart campaign and device App, which enables the public to counts the amount of sugar in a product by simply scanning its barcode with the camera on their mobile phone.

Last Updated: 25 Apr 2016