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Serco in Healthcare

From the operational management of hospitals to the optimisation of patient flow, we are committed to delivering better healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Serco is trusted to manage vital healthcare services around the world. Building on over 20 years of experience in healthcare, we now provide award-winning services in hospitals across the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and in the Middle East.

In addition to our international reach in health, we are able to draw on Serco’s broader sector expertise in facilities management, service design, effective cleaning regimes, case management and digital technology/automation.



Serco Healthcare

Serco delivers vital healthcare support services around the world – from the operational management of hospitals to the optimisation of patient experience and flow. Our experience reaches across acute, community, primary and private healthcare, increasingly with voluntary and social care partners.

Our passion for care is enriched by our drive and capacity to innovate, and our unrivalled international expertise which enhances service quality, improves patient outcomes and reduces costs.

UK & Europe

Proudly working in partnership with the NHS for over 25 years, providing generalist health support services, from facilities management to acute patient flow. We are committed to delivering a better environment for patients, visitors and staff, delivering better value, not just in managing our service costs but in enabling the NHS to make better use of clinical resources and ultimately supporting better care. Today we provide award winning support services to 18 hospitals across the UK, covering over 10,000 beds and 1.5 million m2.

Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, Serco is the only provider with capability across a complete suite of clinical and non-clinical support services. We are a trusted long-term partner of governments and provide a range of services in health that keep improving, and incorporate the latest innovations that directly and demonstrably benefit patients and clinical staff. In what is the largest outsourced health contract in Australia, we provide services to Fiona Stanley Hospital, one of Australia’s most advanced public healthcare facilities, delivering 25 facilities management services at the 783-bed tertiary hospital, and performing to 480 key performance indicators.

Middle East

We currently provide facilities management to 10 hospitals in the region, employing a workforce of over 2,000 people. We are able to bring to bear our regional and global experience within healthcare, as well as draw on our broader cross-sector expertise in facilities management, service design, effective cleaning regimes, asset availability and utilisation, and digital automation. Our contracts include delivering facility management services to Cleveland Clinic and Healthpoint Hospitals in Abu Dhabi, as well as a range of private medical facilities in Saudi Arabia.