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From the operational management of hospitals to the optimisation of patient flow, we are committed to delivering better healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Delivering better healthcare and improving patient outcomes

Serco delivers vital healthcare support services around the world – from the operational management of hospitals to the optimisation of patient experience and flow. Our experience reaches across acute, community, primary and private healthcare, increasingly with voluntary and social care partners. 

Our passion for care is enriched by our drive and capacity to innovate, and our unrivalled international expertise which enhances service quality, improves patient outcomes and reduces costs.

Through operational excellence and continual improvement, we maintain a safe environment that allows clinicians to focus on the treatment and delivery of excellent clinical outcomes for their patients.

Our world of experience

Serco is trusted to manage vital healthcare services around the world. Building on over 20 years of experience in healthcare, we now provide award-winning services in hospitals across the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and in the Middle East. In addition to our international reach in health, we are able to draw on Serco’s broader sector expertise in facilities management, service design, effective cleaning regimes, case management and digital technology/automation.

Our market segments

  • Facilities Management
  • Corporate Services
  • Clinical Support


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