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Serco Values - Care

We care deeply about the services we provide, and the communities we serve, and we look after each other.

We work together to deliver high-quality public services, often of great importance to the nation and the communities we serve.  We take care of each other, and those we serve, and we aim to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Care and the behaviours we live by:

Our people

  • Invite, listen to and respect views of others inside and outside Serco

  • Are conscious that they cannot do it all themself and ask for help when necessary

  • Work well with people who have different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds

  • Understand how their behaviours can be interpreted and consider the impact they have on others

  • Understand the importance of others’ feelings 

  • Respect confidentiality and be good custodians of our customer and employee personal data

  • Use appropriate language, which respects others

  • Treat others as they would want to be treated

  • Do everything they can to make a positive difference to our customers and communities

Those managing people

  • Take the time to build effective relationships with customers, stakeholders, colleagues and partners

  • Are respectful of colleagues and customers

  • Support colleagues to fulfil their responsibilities

  • Show compassion, care and empathy

  • Do not tolerate discrimination

  • Encourage open feedback and debate

  • Give time to everyone who needs help, even when the pressure is on

  • Create an environment where colleagues feel safe and supported

  • Are aware of the needs of our customers and communities and discuss them with the team

Our Leaders

  • Actively build relationships with customers and partners

  • Communicate with and involve those affected by their decisions and actions

  • Build an inclusive culture that values equality and removes barriers to diversity

  • Consider the impact on the customer and communities in everything that we do

Care is not demonstrated by...

  • We blame others for our mistakes

  • We show little sign of co-operating with colleagues

  • We refuse to share information to maintain an advantage over others

  • We deliberately exclude others from activities when we know they could benefit from being involved

  • We ignore customer requests and don’t respond to their concerns

  • We close down others by being judgemental, interrupting or talking-over them

  • We ignore others’ opinions if they do not appear to be in line with our own

  • We humiliate and intimidate others

  • We are disrespectful, insensitive or unhelpful to customers

  • We upset others by the manner we adopt

  • We misuse customer or employee personal data