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Serco Values - Pride

We want to be proud of what we do.

We know that the work we do is important, and we take pride in doing it well. We value energy and enthusiasm, skill and experience, and an ability to make hard work fun.  We contribute both as individuals and as part of a team.

Pride and the behaviours we live by:

Our People

  • Develop and maintain great relationships with our customers

  • Take pride in their work and that of their colleagues

  • Are ambassadors for Serco and show respect for the organisation

  • Demonstrate a positive, professional attitude

  • Share skills and knowledge, and encourage and support others in applying their ideas

  • Are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for our customers

  • Can be relied on when the going gets tough

  • Celebrate good performance and take the time to thank and praise others

  • Celebrate team successes and contribute to a positive team spirit

  • Ask questions and check understanding when needed

  • Seek to learn from colleagues

  • Are flexible and do what needs to be done

  • Take responsibility for their own performance and development

  • Are flexible and support colleagues to build a successful team

  • Work with colleagues for the benefit of the customer

  • Share know-how, skills and expertise with colleagues, when they can

Those managing people

  • Lead by example and build a culture of excellence within the team

  • Create a positive team spirit

  • Recognise and praise the achievements of their team

  • Inspire and engage others through their management style

  • Value opinions within their team

  • Ensure everyone understands the responsibilities of their role

  • Actively review, plan and evaluate individuals’ training needs

  • Publicly recognise and take time to thank those who have performed well

  • Celebrate team successes

  • Build good morale and co-operation within the team

  • Value their team and make time to support their contributions

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within the team

  • Be visible and accessible

  • Are accountable for their actions and behaviours and consider how they affect others

  • Encourage the team to work together for the benefit of customers

  • Encourage collaboration across departments

  • Work to build commitment and engagement and improve their team’s behaviour

Our Leaders

  • Provide a clear vision and act as a role model to set the standards

  • Develop a culture that delivers the best results

  • Challenge and address poor performance

  • Actively encourage feedback to identify strengths and weaknesses and motivate self-development

  • Recognise talent within teams, develop potential and encourage ambition

  • Recognise achievements, reward outstanding contributions to service delivery and celebrate success

  • Build a team environment where their team knows each other well and collaborate

  • Inspire others to achieve their full potential

  • Proactively encourage feedback and debate

  • Lead by example; influencing and inspiring confidence in others

  • Inspire a one team culture

  • Build team engagement and joint ownership of our goals

  • Encourage constructive challenge and set an example for personal development

Pride is not demonstrated when…

  • We say one thing and do another

  • We behave in a way that gives Serco, our contracts, or our colleagues a bad name

  • We show a lack of concern in the quality of our work

  • We ignore problems, don’t use our initiative and hide behind our job descriptions

  • We don’t say ‘thank you’

  • We actively hamper the improvement and delivery of excellence

  • We react inappropriately to challenge or feedback

  • We are complacent

  • We behave in a way that might put others at risk

  • We display a negative attitude towards colleagues and customers

  • We do not take responsibility for our actions, admit we are wrong or recognise how our actions affect others

  • We choose not to work as a team by pursuing our own agendas

  • We put our own self-interest above the needs of our customers, end users or colleagues