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Serco Values - Trust

We work hard to earn trust and respect.

We deliver on our promises; are open, straightforward and honest; do the right thing; and take personal responsibility for getting things done.

Trust and the behaviours we live by:

Our people

  • Do what they say they will, try their best and see things through

  • Consistently provide the highest standards of customer service

  • Have a can-do, will-do attitude

  • Are open and honest

  • Communicate truthfully, clearly and concisely

  • Aim to always do the right thing and never compromise our values

  • Think through the consequences of their decisions

  • Speak out when they see something wrong

  • Understand who our customers are, listen to them and act upon their feedback

  • Challenge assumptions in an appropriate way

  • Acknowledge when they make mistakes and take responsibility for correcting them.

Those managing people

  • Make sure that we deliver on the promises we make to our customers and to each other

  • Resolve issues fairly, quickly and professionally

  • Clearly communicate our actions and decisions to customers

  • Seek others’ opinions and encourage people to challenge

  • Summarise complex information to make it understandable

  • Live by Serco’s values, lead by example and reflect them in the decisions they make

  • Have the important conversations to achieve the right outcomes

  • Only ask people to do something they would do themselves

  • Empower others by giving them responsibility and holding them to account

  • Create a no-blame culture by focusing on solutions not problems

  • Listen to customer complaints and resolve them effectively and in a timely way

Our Leaders

  • Inspire and lead colleagues to anticipate and respond to our customers’ needs

  • Stand by difficult decisions and openly acknowledge errors

  • Anticipate the pressures where we might struggle to deliver and take action to avoid problems

  • Create a culture of openness, trust and transparency

  • Lead and encourage open communication across Serco

  • Ensure our objectives are clearly aligned to Serco’s purpose and goals

  • Lead by example, and role model Serco’s values, inspiring colleagues and customers

  • Ensure decisions made are informed, reflect our values and standards and take account of their potential impact

  • Hold people to account, but ensure they are treated fairly and consistently without fear of reprisal

  • Engage customers and colleagues and consult with appropriate groups when formulating strategies

  • Evaluate resources, options and consequences in my decision making and communicate the decision openly

Trust is not demonstrated when…

  • We make promises that we cannot keep

  • We rush to provide solutions before listening to others’ needs and opinions

  • We fail to keep customers and colleagues informed

  • We are not straightforward and transparent

  • We allow disrespectful or discriminatory behaviour

  • We knowingly use Serco’s resources for personal gain

  • We break our Code of Conduct or the law

  • We falsify or misrepresent information

  • We ignore and don’t speak up when we see something wrong

  • We choose to ignore adverse criticism

  • We blame others for mistakes we have made or things we have missed

  • We shift our responsibilities to others