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Gender Pay Report 2020

Our ambition to be a superb provider of public services by being the best managed business in our sector is underpinned by our four strategic priorities; one of which is to create a place that people are proud to work. Creating an inclusive workplace in which everyone can thrive plays a key part in delivering on this priority.

Download our 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report (PDF)

Here at Serco we are committed to ensuring that all our employees are treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and with an equality of opportunity throughout their careers with us. Measuring, understanding and reporting our Gender Pay Gap is an important step on this journey.

Serco has historically had an imbalance in its workforce, employing more men than women, particularly in our business units and operational and technical roles, along with lower representation of women in our senior management teams. Over recent years we have made good progress in addressing this imbalance.

In these exceptional times, it would have been easy to lose sight of the goals we have set ourselves in addressing our gender pay gap. However, the drive remains to continue doing more to enable greater gender diversity in Serco. With that in mind, for 2020, we are reporting that our Gender Pay Gap for 2020 is 10.9%. Whilst this is broadly consistent with our previous year, we continue to be driven and focused to do more in 2021.

Our 2020 gender pay gap report shares examples of the progress we have made in supporting our people to achieve their ambitions and celebrates the work of our people; females, role models and allies for their leadership and performance.