Apprenticeships at Serco

Investing in an Apprentice means investing in the future

Serco apprentices host event at Serco's Head Office

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an ambitious programme of learning and development, designed to enable the apprentice to grow in their role and achieve the highest standard, demonstrating this through the knowledge, skills and behaviours they display in their work.

As well as focusing on their specific occupational area, the apprenticeship also develops and assesses their ability to use Maths, English and ICT effectively during their day, improving their ability to articulate their ideas and opinions, solve problems, and communicate solutions.

The apprenticeship is a journey of realisation, which ends with the apprentice planning their next development activity.

Benefits of being an apprentice

  • Structured learning programme relevant to job role and career aspirations

  • Develop new knowledge and skills

  • Take on additional responsibilities

  • Gain more confidence

  • Achieve a nationally recognised qualification

Apprenticeships are for everyone, regardless of age. It’s simply not true that you have to be a school-leaver, just starting on the career ladder, to undertake an apprenticeship.​ ​Apprenticeships are about developing knowledge and skills. If you’ve already got some of those skills, you simply start a bit further down the line.

Some of the apprenticeships we offer

Infrastructure Technicians​

Are responsible for  setting people up on systems and providing support when needed, rectifying issues to maintain the organisations productivity.

 ITS careers UK

Customer Service Specialists​

Are responsible for advocating customer service and acting as referral points for more complex or technical customer requests, queries or complaints.

Team Leader / Supervisors​

Are responsible for managing teams to deliver a clearly defined outcome, providing direction, instructions and guidance to ensure achievement of goals.

Business Administrators​

​Are expected to contribute to the efficiency of an organisation, through support of functional areas, working across teams and resolving issues as requested.

Aeronautical Engineers​

Aeronautical Engineers​

Are responsible for applying a safe system of working while making a technical contribution to the equipment, systems or processes they work with.

Security First Line Manager

Are responsible for managing people and teams working specifically in a security environment, ensuring regulatory requirements are met.

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Custody & Detention Officers​

Are responsible for ensuring individuals held in custody and detention centres are held in a secure, safe, decent and fair environment.


Maintenance Engineers​

Are responsible for the maintenance and repair of a range of equipment, sometimes complex, as part of planned maintenance programmes.