Meet our apprentices

Our apprentices come from diverse backgrounds and have a range of skills and interests, reflecting the many different opportunities we can offer. In this section, some of our apprentices talk about their experiences and achievements at Serco. 

Helen - Business Administrator

“It’s the perfect place to start, and you can always take it further. I’m keen to carry this on and continue learning new skills. It’s also been good to find out what it’s like to work in an office!”

Demi - IT Infrastructure Technician

“The Level 3 Infrastructure Technician programme was really good because a lot of the coursework related exactly to what you do on the Service Desk every day.”

Mollie - Aeronautical Engineer

“I work a lot with local schools and head teachers to promote women in engineering as well as talking about apprenticeships and how beneficial they can be. I did really well in my GCSEs and felt that an apprenticeship was the right option for me.”

Richard - Team Leader / Supervisor

“After completing the Team Leader course, I got a promotion to Senior Supervisor. Some people may have a natural gift for leadership, but I’m not one of them. The two-year programme helped me learn about what good leadership looks like.”

Matthew - Operations Manager

“I passed my apprenticeship with distinction, something I am very proud of. My manager can see my improved skillset is benefiting not just me but the team I work in as well. The apprenticeship has been a great way to develop my career and life skills.”

Alex - Able Seaman

“The apprenticeship is extremely beneficial to my on the job learning, I have a great opportunity here to further my progress.”

Caitlin - Business Administration

“I was nervous about starting my programme, wondering if I would be one of the oldest people there among people who were straight out of school. But there is a mix of ages on my course and it feels like we’re all the same”

Dan - Engineer

“Don’t be afraid of learning new skills and see where it will take you. After 20 years I took on something new and it’s been the happiest time in my career.”

Rosie - Aeronautical Engineer

“I really enjoy the hands-on aspect of the job which allows me to combine my interest in aviation and engineering. It’s a nice environment and people are willing to answer questions and show you how to do things if you’re not sure.”

Sam - Team Leader / Supervisor

“Serco will pay for your programme. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take up - they really look after you, and these NVQs will help you for new job roles in the future.”

Ryan - Maritime Services

“I enjoy being out afloat on the vessels with the engineers. I feel like we learn a lot from them, they really know what they are doing. A highlight has been working on vessel refits when they are in dry dock. You get to do really in-depth work and it’s really different seeing the vessels out of the water.”

Kiersten - Business Administration

"I have found it easy to complete my apprenticeship as well as working. My manager (who has also been through the apprenticeship scheme) is very supportive and allows me to take time out of my working day to complete my modules."