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Emma - Business Administration

I am Emma Willding and I am the part-time administrator for the Interventions Team at HMP Ashfield.

I have worked in this role for just under three years now. The Interventions Department delivers Offending Behaviour Programmes to men who have been convicted of a sexual offence. As part of my role I take minutes at the reviews held at the end of programmes and these minutes can be evidenced at their Parole. I also ensure all documents are stored securely and importantly make sure that I have all updated documents for each prisoner to allow the clinical team to make decisions regarding the prisoners next steps.

How did you find out about the apprenticeship scheme and why did you think it was right for you?

I completed the Level 2 Business Administration apprentice in 2019 and this encouraged me to widen my knowledge further and complete the Level 3.  My line manager has always been very supportive of me completing these.

How easy/difficult have you found it to be, doing the apprenticeship as well as working?

I have found it easy to complete my apprenticeship as well as working, my line manager is very supportive and ensures I have time to complete the tasks that I am set.

What are the highlights of being an apprentice?

It has enabled me to broaden my knowledge and skill set.  I have learnt new things such as business finance and stakeholders which I wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for the apprenticeship. 

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship with J&I?

Completing an apprenticeship which works alongside your job does expand your knowledge and it's also a good thing to have on your cv to show you can study alongside working.

Where do you hope your apprenticeship will take you?

I am looking forward to completing my Level 3 and believe this will allow me to have great job opportunities in the future.