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Esme - Business Professional

Esme Draper is a Business Professional apprentice in the Learning and Apprenticeships team.

Describe some of the work you’ve been involved in recently 

I have been processing a lot of learner information, for example new apprentices starting their courses or those who are wanting to take a break from their apprenticeship. I have been claiming certificates for learners who have completed or completed part of their apprenticeship or their functional skills. I am also working with my manager to update the SharePoint site for apprenticeships so that there is more information available to everyone interested. 

What impact has your work had on the team and our service? 

I am working on tracking systems for various processes, including putting learners through their end point assessment. I am supporting the team to change some of our processes such as booking learners’ exams following their completion of functional skills. I am also working on creating a new learning SharePoint site to help us promote learning in Serco.  

How has your apprenticeship so far impacted you personally? 

I have gained so much knowledge and confidence and have learnt many more skills on systems I hadn’t even heard of! I am starting to learn about a video tool which creates animated videos. I have learnt how to do so many different processes and understood how my role can support my team. 

What are you looking forward to doing in the next couple of months and why? 

I am looking forward to creating a new SharePoint site for learning so that the colleagues can access learning available to them and we can motivate people to want to learn more. I am also looking forward to improving processes such as booking end point assessments and functional skills tests.  

What is it like working in and with the learning and apprenticeships team? 

It is great working within the learning and apprenticeship team! I receive so much support from anyone within the team who can help. The team has given me lots of opportunities to broaden my knowledge and skill set.