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Eve - Business Professional

Eve Oliver, who recently moved to the Serco Business Services MyHR team, completed her business professional apprenticeship in 2021.

Why did you choose a Serco apprenticeship?

At school, apprenticeships were never mentioned as an opportunity or pathway into work. I started sixth form learning subjects I was very interested in, but I wasn’t getting enough out of sitting in lessons all day - I wanted a more hands-on proactive approach. I began to investigate other avenues and stumbled across apprenticeships. When I saw Serco’s apprenticeships, our values of Trust, Care, Innovation, and Pride really stood out.

What are your main achievements?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many teams, from the operational excellence and communications teams, to the Embrace network, Pulse Award and SercoSpirit teams. I am Yellow Belt certified and received a Pulse Award for working with the SercoSpirit team.

Tell us about the best part of the apprenticeship

Strangely enough, it’s my end point presentation! I really enjoyed the whole experience of creating an improvement project and practicing how I would present it to my assessor. It really boosted my confidence in speaking in front of people. I was very pleased to come away with my distinction after all the hard work I’ve put in.

What are your hopes for the future?

I am very pleased that my team took me on as an administrator after having such an amazing experience throughout the course. I hope to progress within my role or maybe even another.
The apprenticeship has shaped my career and opened me up to so many different opportunities. I feel comfortable and happy knowing there is a new challenge every day.