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Matthew - Operations Manager

Matthew gained valuable experience and life skills during an Operations Manager apprenticeship at Serco

Matthew joined Serco as a Fleet Administrator in 2013, managing vehicles used in contract operations. As part of his ongoing professional development he completed an Operations Manager Apprenticeship (OMA) in 2018 and 2019. During this two-year programme Matt learned valuable project management skills while developing his technical proficiency in his role, enabling him to manage his time better and implement strategies for more effective teamwork.

A pragmatic person, he didn’t see himself going to college or university full time. “I wanted to do a job that interested me and earn a wage at the same time,” he said. “Completing an apprenticeship with Serco has seen me gain a Level 5 qualification without any education debt.”

Throughout his seven years at Serco, Matt has been keen to develop his professional skills. “I passed my apprenticeship with distinction, something I am very proud of. My manager can see my improved skillset is benefiting not just me but the team I work in as well. The apprenticeship has been a great way to develop my career and life skills.”

“The project management aspects of the course taught me how to manage my time better, helping me to set goals for the creation, recording and production of music which I do in my spare time at home. It also gave me the confidence to contact people in the music industry, which has seen me get magazine reviews published about my songs.”

“This apprenticeship has encouraged me to develop life skills as well as technical knowledge and ability. I am confident in my ability as are others around me.”

“When I joined Serco, I was keen to do well although it’s always difficult in the beginning. I proved my abilities by listening and communicating with peers and senior management. I gained their trust and in return they helped me become a well-rounded individual who is exceptionally efficient in my role.”

“I am now able to support others to solve technical problems thanks to my apprenticeship. But that’s just the technical stuff, I have also learnt great communication skills. I am able to listen to friends and family and communicate on a much deeper level, something that is very valuable in life.”

“As a Fleet Administrator I am responsible for applying strategy, completing projects, budgeting and finance management. I have been able to apply significant cost saving initiatives to support Serco’s overall business objectives. I take ownership and accountability of my decision making which is recognised by my department.”

“My day-to-day work means innovating in many areas, including strategies for more effective teamwork. I am a very strong team player with good interpersonal skills, I have a keen eye and determination to meet all deadlines. I enjoy coming to work and working at Serco has helped me grow in confidence. I feel much happier working as part of a long-term team even though there have been a few changes over the seven years working here.”

“Since completing my Operations Manager apprenticeship, I now have the opportunity to study for a degree while continuing to work at Serco, through the Level 6 Chartered Management Degree apprenticeship.”