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Sam - Team Leader

Sam’s completion of a Team Leader / Supervisor apprenticeship has set him up for his next role

Security Guard Sam Vella is part of a two-generation family legacy at Serco. Since joining the Skynet team in 2018, Sam has completed two apprenticeship programmes and sees professional development as an important part of advancing his career.

Following in his Dad’s footsteps makes Sam proud to work for Serco. “My dad used to work for Serco as a manager in the Skynet 5 contract,” Sam said. “He told me about the job and said seeing as Serco was good to him it could be a great opportunity for me. People still come up to me and say, ‘you must be Richard’s boy!”

Sam’s job as a Security Guard has enabled him to complete two apprenticeship programmes in the last three years. “I choose the Business Administration course because it was related to my role, and then I was encouraged to complete the Team Leader / Supervisor programme to help me to take the next step in my career. 

“When my assessor first showed me the Team Leader programme, I thought it would be more difficult than the Business Admin one. But he was brilliant and helped me break down questions whenever I needed. It was nice to know that my assessor was there to support me throughout the course. 

“I’m interested in becoming the Security Guard Supervisor and have started shadowing my manager once a week to learn more about what the job entails.”

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the number of visitors on site has reduced. The changes have meant Skynet managers have had to change the way they communicate with the team. “Our managers have been absolutely perfect,” Sam said. “They often check up on us, keeping us in the loop when anything changes and making sure we’re ok. I’m just hoping lockdown lifts before 23 March so I can celebrate my 30th birthday!”

For anyone thinking about starting an apprenticeship, Sam’s advice is to go for it.

“Have a look at all the options, there might be something you’ve always wanted to do, and Serco will pay for your programme! It’s a wonderful opportunity to take up, they really look after you, and these NVQs will help you for new job roles in the future.”