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Toby - Digital Marketer

I wanted to take an apprenticeship after making a career change. Originally, I was an outdoor sports instructor and had little to no exposure to an office environment.

My logic was that If I started at the bottom as an apprentice and studied the industry I wanted to go into (Marketing and Communications), it would be easier to get a position compared to applying for a non-apprenticeship role, where more experience would be expected. I’ve always been a big fan of apprenticeships as I am a very hands-on learner. It wasn’t long before I realised that taking this apprenticeship was one of the best decisions of my life.

How easy/difficult have you found it to be, doing the apprenticeship as well as working?

Once I got into my job role, I found it straightforward allocating time towards my apprenticeship coursework. Serco are very understanding and give you plenty of opportunities to let you complete your coursework. As long as you’re doing your job to the best of your ability, they’re happy to let you organise your day and activities to suit you.

What are the highlights of being an apprentice?

My main highlight is looking back even couple of months into my apprenticeship and realizing that I’ve completed tasks and been given responsibilities that I that didn’t know I was even capable of doing in the past – it’s a real confidence booster!

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship with J&I?

I would recommend taking an apprenticeship because you can gain lot of experience in a short amount of time and be on a career path sooner than you would compared to taking a university degree – plus no student debt! Taking an apprenticeship also allows you time to experiment with different skills and you can find out your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve on them for the long run.

Where do you hope your apprenticeship will take you?

After completing my Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship, I’m now moving on to a Level 4 Marketing Executive Apprenticeship. I’m thrilled to be taking a level 4 apprenticeship, as it is an equivalent to a foundation degree and will open many opportunities in future career opportunities.