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What is an apprenticeship?

Earning while learning best describes why you should do an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a paid job where you learn a specific set of skills relevant to the role and achieve a nationally recognised qualification at the end of it. As an apprentice at Serco, you’ll be doing a real role, taking on responsibility and learning new skills from day one. Working alongside experienced colleagues, you’ll gain a wealth of experience as well as job specific skills. 

About our apprenticeships

We offer a range of apprenticeships, so there is something for everyone. All our apprenticeships are nationally recognised, and some include professional qualifications. Our apprenticeships are open to anyone over 16 years old (there is no limit) who meet the academic entry requirements.

Who funds the apprenticeship?

You won't pay anything towards your apprenticeship. We'll pay for your training as well as offering you a competitive starting salary and standard company benefits. 

How long does it take?

The length of the apprenticeships Serco offer depends on the level of qualification you are working towards. Typically, our apprenticeships are between one and four years, depending on the apprenticeship and your individual needs.

How is learning achieved through the apprenticeship?

Serco apprenticeships follow a structured programme of blended learning that helps you to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to complete your apprenticeship. Along the way you are supported by our dedicated apprenticeships team. As most of the time is spent in the workplace, the majority of training takes place on the job. However, you will be expected to attend some training at different locations, and a few of our apprenticeships do have additional training taking place at a local college or a specialist training organisation. The outcome of your apprenticeship journey will be a vocational qualiļ¬cation which will help you succeed in your job and progress in your future career.

What are the advantages of a Serco apprenticeship?

The main advantage from doing an apprenticeship with Serco is a job with a forward thinking, socially responsible FTSE 250 company, which includes all the benefits of being a Serco employee. You’ll get a competitive salary, while working towards a professional qualification and being supported by an apprentice network.

Don’t just take our word for it. See some of our apprentices talk about their experiences and achievements at Serco.

Are they open to exisiting employees?

We support and encourage our exisiting employees to take apprenticeship courses - in fact some of our fomer apprentices go on to complete further apprenticeships with us. They're a great way to develop your skills and augement on-the-job learning. 

What apprenticeships do you have?

We offer a wide range of programmes across the country but you can read about some of our most popular here.