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What you can expect from us

Serco is a FTSE 250 company with over 400 sites in the UK alone. While not everyone has heard of us, the services we provide touch the lives of millions of people every year – from the people who use the train and ferry services we run, to the hospitals we support, the prisons we operate, to our network of leisure centre contracts, and the household bins we empty. Our contact centres provide customer service on behalf of many of our central and local government clients.

With a supportive team around you, you will be encouraged to use your initiative, take on important responsibilities and gain practical experience working at the frontline on our contracts or within our busy functional teams.

Make a difference every day

Ryan Wilkie

A place you can make a difference

The nature of our business means you will always be doing interesting work that matters. As one of our apprentices you’ll also be developing the critical and specialised skills that we need to deliver the excellent public services that the UK relies on. 

Lee Bush

A place for you

You’ll not only get the great mix of on-the-job experience and classroom-based learning you’d expect, but you’ll also be working for a company that is committed to ongoing development and opportunity. Many of our apprentices go on to complete other apprentice and professional qualifications.

Group of Serco Apprentices

A place you can count on

Everyone has an important role to play, from caring for vulnerable people to managing complex public services. Our team of more than 30,000 people across the UK take pride in what they do. As an apprentice you have an ability to make a real positive difference to people’s lives and to the team around you.