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Jenni Halliday, Contract Director, Asylum Accommodation and Support Services Contracts

Why work for Serco?

“Serco has great values and great people, and it truly cares about its people.  People are at the heart of all that we do.  We make a real difference to real people – make a real difference to their lives.  It is an amazing place to work.  And it’s really fulfilling – we do interesting and engaging work with interesting and engaging people.”

How do you succeed in Serco?

“Be prepared to meet challenges head on.  Be prepared to have difficult conversations and find your way through complex problems.  Be willing to learn – sometimes the hard way.  Be down to earth and open to moving around and working in a range of different roles.  Be hungry for experience.  Look, listen and be open-minded.  See the world through the eyes of other people.”