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Our Teams and Roles

Working as a part of one of our soft services teams you will find yourself in one of our three service areas.

Regardless of which one of our teams you join and which hospital you are based at you’ll find skilled and caring teammates who deliver meaningful and vital work.


Ward Host

Joining the Ward Patient Catering team, you’ll provide a high-quality hospitality service to patients within your hospital by taking orders for food and drink from them. You’ll then work with our team to deliver those orders, ensuring that all dietary needs are met. The role offers a high level of patient interaction – often you’ll see and speak to patients more frequently than medical staff, so you’ll be a true ambassador for the hospital and for Serco. 



If the hospital is an engine, then it’s the Porters who are the oil. As a Porter you’ll be responsible for the safe movement of patients, hospital logistics, waste, and linen across the site making sure the hospital can operate in a timely way and that patients get to their appointments in a safe and comfortable manner. You’ll be on your feet a lot and navigating (what can be) large and complicated sites – but it’s the gratitude you get from patients and your colleagues that make it all worth it.



As a Domestic you’ll play a huge role in infection control throughout the hospital by cleaning and maintaining patient and other work areas.  Working to schedules, you’ll do this through a variety of tasks including the cleansing of floors, work surfaces, furnishings and related equipment. You’ll also empty, dispose and replace clinical and domestic waste, and ensure the safe storage of materials and equipment. In short, you’re vital in ensuring a safe environment for all.