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Why Serco

When you join us at HMP Fosse Way you’ll become part of a wider team of over 6,000 people within our Justice & Immigration business - all contributing to the security of those in our care, and treating residents or service users with dignity and respect.

And whilst you're contributing to a vital front line public service we'll be providing you with the accredited training, development and support you'll need to be successful, along with a competitive salary and benefits package. You’ll also find:

A image of a Chef working at a Serco prison smiling while wearing a black apron

Meaningful and vital work


Prisons play a vital role in reducing reoffending rates amongst residents, which is key to public safety and protecting public finances. Everyone who works in a prison has an important part to play in that, from Prison Officers to Administrators, Chefs to Psychologist - you’ll all contribute to the meaningful work done here.  

A world of opportunity


Our prisons hold a huge amount of variety and opportunity, and you’ll be supported to progress your career, move into other teams and departments within the prison, or even find a place in one of our other Justice & immigration contracts within the UK. 

A image of two prison officers smiling during a conversation down a prison hallway

Great people


Because of our investment in safeguarding and rehabilitation, our prisons are calm and can be very different to how you might imagine. You’ll also receive all the training and advice you’ll need from your friendly and supportive colleagues.