Our Immigration Centres

Focused on the needs of the individual and recognising different cultures and religions, we deliver the best care we can during an incredibly stressful and challenging period in their life, providing a welcoming, comfortable and as interesting a time as possible while they are with us.

We work with a wide range of specialist partners, introducing innovations and using technology in creative ways to improve the experience of service-users providing more autonomy and better access to available facilities.

At our centres one of your important roles will be to ensure that residents can access and utilise a comprehensive range of welfare services, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Faith and cultural provision
  • Legal services
  • Educational and recreational activities, such as gyms and libraries
  • Work opportunities aimed at supporting residents throughout their period of detention and preparing them for release and resettlement

We deliver our service based on a community model allowing residents as much freedom of movement and choice as possible.

Detainee officer at Serco-run Yarl's Wood Immigration Detention Centre

Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre

Twinwoods Business Park, Bedford, MK44 2FQ

Yarl’s Wood, in Bedfordshire, is unique in the UK because of the demographic of those we care for and the specialist and innovative services. Housing adult women and adult family groups awaiting immigration clearance, we have over 200 on site employees working in a variety of roles 24 hours a day.

Serco Immigration removal van at Gatwick

Gatwick Immigration Removal Centre

Perimeter Road, Surrey, RH6 0PQ

Starting late May 2020 we will manage and operate both the Brook House and Tinsley House IRCs – which can house around 600 men – as well as providing Pre-Departure Accommodation (PDA) services. On average residents will be with us between 30 to 45 days and they’ll be from a huge variety of backgrounds, with up to 30 native languages being spoken.

By the end of the year we’ll see around 580 staff on site with the core of these being Detainee Custody Officers (DCO).