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Ryan - Maritime Services Apprenticeship

Ryan Wilkie - Marine Engineering Apprentice, HMNB Portsmouth

In 2016 Serco pledged to increase the number of apprentices in order to maximise the full potential of investing in the annual Apprentice Levy and to upskill existing employees. One employee who knows exactly what it is like to be on an apprenticeship scheme is Ryan Wilkie.

What appealed to you about the apprenticeship scheme?
I did a 2-year Marine Engineering Level 2 NVQ at school so I had an interest in it from then but didn’t apply for an apprenticeship until I had tried careers in both Rugby and the motor trade first. It has been a brilliant opportunity to learn while I earn.

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?
I enjoy being out afloat on the vessels with the engineers - I feel like we learn a lot from them, they really know what they are doing. Highlights so far have been working on vessel refits when they are in dry dock. You get to do really in-depth work and it’s really different seeing the vessels out of the water. I recently worked on SD Independent and SD Indulgent refits which I really enjoyed and I learned a lot.

How do you feel the scheme benefits you?
I have definitely learnt a lot since I’ve been with Serco, I feel like I’ve come a long way with my skills and Serco offer a lot of different courses to help you progress.

After your apprenticeship what are your next steps?
I would like to retain employment in a permanent role with Serco and further my career in Marine Engineering. I’m looking to do my 2nd engineer tickets - hopefully Serco will support me to do that and then I want to work my way up to Chief Engineer.

How do you feel Serco has made a difference to your work and/or the apprenticeship?
Being at Serco we’ve done so many courses like forklift and gantry crane training courses, and they’ve put us through our STCW sea survival and fire-fighting tickets. We are with really experienced guys so learning from the best.

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship with Serco or in HMNB Portsmouth?
I’d say take it, it’s a brilliant opportunity. The stuff that’s on offer here is amazing.


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